”Det kom ett mejl till SLBV från Gunasekara, flickhemmet i Colombo, som SLBV stödjer”.

Dear Bo and Peter

I am writing this mail to convey some good news. The GCE ‘A’ Level results r just out and all three girls who sat for it have been  successful and got through the exam.

One of the girls Lakmali had got through with 3 ‘A’s and is assured of entry  to the University. Her wish is to become an Archeologist.

The second girl Chitra, got through with 1 ‘A’ and 2 ‘B’s. She wants to follow the line of music.

The third girl while not qualifying to enter university has got through the exam. We are trying to find out from her whether she wd like to sit for the exam again to try to qualify to gain entrance to the university. If she is not keen on a University education, we r exploring other avenues available to her such as following a course and qualify in another area.

This is a very opportune moment to express our sincere appreciation for the assistance you all have given us over the years. The financial assistance offered to us enabled us to provide all our girls over a period of time  with extra classes  which helped our girls to gradually to enhance their skills. The final result is what we hv now achieved.

Please be good enough to convey our sincere thanks to all members of your Organisation for the continued support offered to us over a continued period of time.

Kind regards