Brev från Deepal


Biståndsföreningen fyller 40 år i år. I mer än 10 av dessa år drev föreningen ett fadderprogram som omfattande 65 barn i Matara-området i södra Sri Lanka. Barnens gemensamma nämnare var att deras fattiga föräldrar inte på egen hand kunnat bekosta deras utbildningar utan hjälp av SLBV. Här är utdrag från ett brev från ett av barnen SLBV stöttat, nu arbetande som läkare:

”I’m G.V.P.D Dananjaya, I’m the last in a family of four children. Since I’m from a low income family, my father is a manual laborer and my mother used to work in a tea plantation. From the beginning my parents found it difficult to maintain the family with 6 mouths to feed let alone education.In my 9th grade, the SLBV scholarship program was introduced and I was selected for help considering my educational performances and the family background. Since then the scholarship program was a great help to cover my educational expenses to become a doctor.Now, at the age of 30, Im working as a practitioner at a covid center in matara where we treat the pcr positives. Since we take all the necessary precautions I think me and my co workers will be fine.Now I can build a future on my own and inspire myself and others to pay it forward, to help the ones in need, all thanks to the program and the sponsor families.”